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Chaz Ortiz
September 6th, 2011Blogadmin 0 Comments

Here is an interview from Chaz Ortiz that we did back in 2006.
It’s pretty funny to look back and see how things were then, how he has progressed and the fact he accomplished much of what he talks about here.
The archived interview of Chaz Ortiz:

Chaz Ortiz


Chicago, Illinois

Zoo-York, Bones wheels, E`S shoes, Force Trucks, Diamond, Uxa clothing, Ill grip, Warp skate park

Years Skating?

So what’s going on with Chaz right now?
Right now I’m getting ready to skate the Tampa Am in January, I had a chance to skate with Patrick Melcher he came to the Warp skatepark with the American misfit guys they filmed me doing 12 tricks on a rail, it should be on fuel TV some time in the summer. I was also in California for 2 weeks skating the hometown hero’s contest and the damn-am.

I remember when United Skate was doing their Beast of the East Comps, you were at almost all of them. What happened with that? Did you ever go up to New York for the finals?
The united skate competitions were great I met a lot of people and made some longtime friends along the way, I did go to Philadelphia for the finals, actually I went 3 years in a row, While I was down there I meet Jefferson Pang from Zoo York, he was there with Harold Hunter and Zared Besset, they were looking for new talent that is where I got hooked up with zoo when I was 10 years old.

Give me an impressive trick you’ve been trying to master.
Flat bar… front board slide kick flip out, I only stuck it once so far…

Who is currently influencing you most in skateboarding?
Really no one right now, I skate a lot with John Dickson at the warp, He is good and pushes me to try new stuff.

What are you hoping to accomplish here in the near future?
I’m hoping one day to become a pro, I would like to travel and see different places and meet different people, what would be better than getting to travel, skate and get paid for sometime you love to do..

Give some advice to all the younger guys trying to come up right now? What do you know that they don’t?
I would say just continue to skate with your friends and have a good time.  If you are looking to get sponsored you are going to have to travel to different contest so the teams managers from the companies can see what you got!  If you get sponsored try not to flip companies, all the reps know each other its like a circle, one month a rep can be working here the next month he could be working somewhere else don’t burn your bridges.


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