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Randy Ploesser
September 15th, 2011Blogadmin 0 Comments

An Interview we did with Randy Ploesser back in 2006. Check out the good words from the “One and Only” Mr. Randy Ploesser.

Randall Richard Ploesser

16. No, wait, 14. no.. what did my agent say?

St. Louis, MO

As of now Birdhouse skateboards, vans (flow), infinity skateshop in st. louis (Now High 5 Skateboards)

Years Skating?


Who were your biggest influences when you first started skating?

Mostly my friends that I skated with, It was awhile before I started getting into videos and magazines and all that rot. local legends like troy mccay, joe jackson, jeremy jones… the list goes on.

So I had been hearing rumors of you being on Pretty Skateboards, Enjoi, and
now Birdhouse. What’s up, can I get a timeline or something?

The plight of the midwestern skateboarder is a frustrating one indeed. I had been on birdhouse flow for some time before the TM cut me off flow a couple years back for no good reason. After that confusing debacle, I recieved enjoi boards unofficially (not considered “flow”) from a friend of mine who was a rep for dwindle at the time, That helped a lot. At some point, the TM at birdhouse had left his job and taken a considerable chunk of the team with him. Drew Etzkorn (young St. Louis ripper, look for his part in the upcoming Pretty video) emailed Jeremy Klien asking what had happened with me, and Jeremy responded by saying that he had no say in the decision to give me the boot and would be happy to send me boards again. I came out to california on a trip and skated with everyone again and they put me on. Thanks Drew. Pretty skateboards is a homie company in st. louis with which I am still affiliated. There is a full length video coming out over christmas that i’ll have a part in, along with several other St. Louisians. Boards are available at infinity skateshop in south county St. Louis, there is also a 5 minute promo video for sale. heres my last plug:

What ever happened with Altered Skates? There were all kinds of stories
flying around that departure. What happened?

I’m not entirely certain, but after 16 years of business something obviously went terribly wrong. Things haven’t been the same since Altered went under.

What’s the big new now? Any classified info you can throw out at everyone?
I front blunt nollie flipped out on the el toro rail.. it just felt like the right thing to do. The footage should be in the upcoming birdhouse video.

If you had to guess how many kickflips do you think you could do in a row?
I think i did 17 at one of the high ridge benefit thingys, some kid with a really shitty board shaped like a rectangle beat me though. He should probably be the one in the big leagues, not me.

Here’s a good one. What or who would be your ideal woman?
Your mom.

Finally, if you had one sentence to be remembered by, what would it be?

like an epitaph or something? “What a half-assed jackoff this clown was.” No, i have no idea.

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