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King of the Groms 2011 – 2012
September 22nd, 2011Blog, Slideradmin 0 Comments

King of the Groms 2011 & 2012 The King of the Groms is one of the top if not the top Competition for young skaters, which is hosted by one of the most Notable Skateparks in the Midwest, 3rd Lair Skatepark Below are the dates of the Qualifying Events which will get you an [...]

Randy Ploesser
September 15th, 2011Blogadmin 0 Comments

An Interview we did with Randy Ploesser back in 2006. Check out the good words from the “One and Only” Mr. Randy Ploesser. Name? Randall Richard Ploesser Age? 16. No, wait, 14. no.. what did my agent say? From? St. Louis, MO Sponsors? As of now Birdhouse skateboards, vans (flow), infinity skateshop in st. louis [...]

Justin Smolenski
September 14th, 2011Blogadmin 0 Comments

An interview with Springfield Illinois Skater Justin Smolenski.  Voted the Best Skateboarder in the City and would kill most of you in a skate comp. Name? Justin Smolenski Age? 20 years young From? Springfield Illinois/ Chi Town for the people out there that only think of that when I say Illinois. Sponsors? I want to [...]

Chaz Ortiz
September 6th, 2011Blogadmin 0 Comments

Here is an interview from Chaz Ortiz that we did back in 2006. It’s pretty funny to look back and see how things were then, how he has progressed and the fact he accomplished much of what he talks about here. The archived interview of Chaz Ortiz: Name? Chaz Ortiz Age? 12 From? Chicago, Illinois [...]

Midwest Music P.O.S.
September 2nd, 2011Blogadmin 0 Comments

P.O.S. Half Cocked Concepts Best of the Midwest

P Rod on Skateboarding
September 1st, 2011Blogadmin 0 Comments

Paul Rodriguez on Skateboarding. P Rod talking about why he loves skateboarding.